What is music? ..

Music is not only knowledge of musical notation, but also the feelings and emotions that the magical world of musical art gives us when listening to a particular melody.


Julia Bunina with music in life from the age of 7. Whatever happens, the violin is always with her. She graduated from music school No. 4 of Ryazan and the Ryazan School of Music named after Pirogov. Since its completion, many ideas have been tried both in various genres of music and in other fields (Julia is a certified public relations specialist), but the violin has remained the only love because the first feelings are not forgotten. All roads returned Julia to music.

Since 2003 Julia works in the Ryazan governor’s symphony orchestra. This is undoubtedly an excellent school of mastery, discipline and immersion in classical musical material. This is an excellent basis for the creative growth of the personality of a musician. But this is not the only activity of Julia. As a child, she was engaged in dancing and loved dance music. Growing up, musical tastes expanded, Julia became interested in jazz, rock, R’n’B, electronic music (house, trance, dub step and other areas of modern musical art), which influenced the formation of individual addictions.

Since 2003 Julia began solo performances in various styles at the music venues in the city of Ryazan as well as in clubs in the city of Moscow. The first recognition was the bronze medal of the fourth Youth Delphic Games for a composition written in collaboration with Pavel Mikhailov (Soup Groupe). This was followed by many proposals for various events dedicated to the opening of exhibitions, major centers of cultural events of the city (Youth Days, Last Call, City Day). Julia actively participated in the life of young people, speaking in clubs, bringing a fresh look at classical art: the violin could be heard together with dj sets, which undoubtedly instilled a musical taste.

Julia participated in the recording of the tracks of the Ryazan group “Money” and author-artist Yevgeny Sapfirova.

The melodies created by Julia are harmoniously combined with modern rhythms and make an unforgettable impression.

A striking event in the creative biography was the acquaintance and cooperation with Dj Feel (Philip Belikov) in 2011. The result was the recording of a joint track on an album released in 2013 under the title “Unlimited” and joint performances in Moreclub (Ryazan), the 10th anniversary of DJ Groove (Birch Park) audio school (2016), London club (Moscow) (2016). And also participation in the Transmission festival ( “Renaisance” epizode), in the SpaceMoscow club, in February 2017 and in the Heads of Club GreenConcert (Moscow)(“Dive” epizode), in March 2018.The joint performance took place in a new episode of the festival Trancemission named “ Trancemission reflection” In October 2019 in “Adrenaline Stadium” club(Moscow).

Also  they performed at the Mamastiflera club (Minsk) and at the Trance Universe festival in the Theater Club (Moscow) in June 2018. The joint  performance was held at Zcity in the Crimea In August 2020 . They hosted a joint live broadcast in Radiorecord Studios as part of the Transmission, In January 2021.

A track was also recorded with Ruslan Radriges “Mantra” in 2016, which received support from Armin van Burren, Dj Feel and many other famous EDM artists.

In December 2017, the track was released with Alex Believe and Dj Romm, “Time Planet” on the label Lost Recordings.

The track “Legacy” was released on the label “Armada music”, recorded together with Russian musician, DJ and producer Alexander Popov at the end of 2018. It was presented at the Glave Club green concert on December 8, 2018, in Moscow.

The track “On the run” was recorded the musician Tokatek and released  on the Beatcoinrecordings label  a remix of The puppets on track “Sleep tonight”was recorded with the musician Soup,  and released on the Beatcoinrecordings label.

The track titled “Can I count on you”was recorded and released on the Raznitzan label with well-known musicians Aurosonic, Costa, and Cathy Burton In October 2020. It was supported be many famous EDM artists.

The track “World Tension” was recorded and released with Airum on the 2rock recordings label, remixed by Trance Reserve In March 2021, . Both tracks were supported by Dj Feel, Roman Messer, Alex Believe and many other famous musicians in the EDM sphere.

She has performed with such DJs as:

Dj Ded (Ryazan), Dj Dima Fly (Moscow Plasticine Club), Dj Dimidrol, dj Bob (Ryazan Club Hollywood), dj Korg (Moscow, Mask-Rzn Club), dj African, dj Kuper, dj Nastya Goldy (” Acapulco Ryazan, Artem Dobrovsky (Moscow-club Gazgolder), dj Roodomanoff (Moscow-club Neo), dj Geo (Fusion cafe), dj Greek, dj Chistov, dj Tim, Dj Lenya Bell (Kazantip Z18)

At the moment, Julia continues to create and find new facets of the world of music. He performs as a soloist with the chamber orchestra of the MCC of Ryazan.

In 2017 she graduated TSMPI named after S.V. Rachmaninoff from the bacchelor’s degree and in 2019, she graduated from the master’s degree program of TSMPI named after S.V. Rachmaninoff with honors, in the direction of musical and instrumental art in the class of honored artist of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Moscow Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky, S. A. Yakovich. She studied English at the Faculty of Anglo-Germanic Languages ​​at Esenin Russian State University, in 2018 she completed a bachelor’s degree in this field.