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Christmas in the Olli room 07-01-2018 Victoria Plaza Trancemission_Dive
“Christmas in the Olli room” 07.01.2018

MC «Victoria Plaza» The performance with Andrey Sinetsky 14.02.2018

Trancemission Dive Главclubgreenconcert Set with Dj Feel 30.03.18
mersedes_s_class best_friend Zona_Dance

“The presentation of the Mercedes S-Klass”. Set with Dj Olga Che.14.09.2017

A concert dedicated to the 7th anniversary of non-profit organizations for homeless animals "Best friends" 15.10.2017 Children’s party zone.Muz TV. Shopping mall Vegas.Dance team “The Generation Dance” under the leadership of Evgeny Osotin.22.10.2018
Olliroom (7.03.2017) AUDI Spring (22.04.2017) Presentation of the Mercedes E-class (27.04.2017)
Anniversary of Beauty Salon «Golden» (1.12.2016) Trancemission Music Festival at Space Club (Moscow), performing with DJ Feel (11.02.2017) St.Valentine's Day at Lounge Cafe «Chilim» (14.02.2017)
10-летие аудио-школы DJ Грува - выступление с DJ Feel (10.07.2016) Umbrella Night в ресторане Небо (28.10.2016) Клуб London, Halloween
10-years-anniversary of DJ Groove Audioschool, performing with DJ Feel (10.07.2016) Umbrella Night, «Heaven» Restaurant (28.10.2016) Helloween, «London» Club (Moscow), performing with DJ Feel (29.10.2016)
OZON Arena выступление с DJ Feel (26.06.2016) Russian beauty Valentine's Day Decanter
Ozon Arena, performing with DJ Feel (26.06.2016) «Russian Beauty» Competition (18.03.2016) St’Valentine’s Day at «Grafin» Cafe-club(14.02.2016)
Weeding Days Friday club Valentine's Day Decanter
Weeding Days Сlub "Friday" «Heaven» Restaurant (7.03.2016)
IvanVas_obl Predprinimatel_2014_obl DR_Red_room_obl
A night show at
«Ivan Vasilievich» Restaurant
of the year 2014 Awarding
Birthday of
“Red room” (10.01.2015)
audi_09.14_obl SmolBril_obl MoreClab_obl

Opening of Audi Official
Car Dealer in Ryazan (24.09.2013)

Store opening event
«Smolensk Diamonds»(4-5.10.2014)

Birthday of
«More»club, performing with Dj Feel&Yan Space is(27.12.2014)

MoreClab_2012_obl RedRoom_obl akapulko_08.03.13_obl
Opening season
at «More»Club, performing with Dj Feel(1.09.2012)

St.Valentine's Day
в “Red room” (14.02.2013)

Party at indoor
Нео(dj Rudomanoff)_obl BlackCat_obl Fusion_obl

Club “Nео”
(с Dj Rudomanoff) (2010)

Dance festival «Black Cat»(25-27.03.2011)

Cafe "Fusion” (11.12.2011)

GinMill_obl Dj_Lenya_Bell_obl Audi_A1_obl
St.Valentine's Day
в “Gin Mill’29” (14.02.2009)
Kazantip 2010
music set with DJ Лёня Bell
Presentation of
Audi A1 event(22.10.2010)
Che_obl NeoLit_obl MsRyazan_obl
Design Studio «Che»
fashion show(14.07.2008)

«Neolithic» Club(2009)

Announcement of results of
Miss Russia Competition,Ryazan(2009)