What is music?..

Music is not only the knowledge of musical notation, but also the feelings and emotions that gives us the magical world of music, when listening to the varying tones.


Julia Bunina started to breathe music since she was 7. Whatever happens, the violin is always by her side. She left Music school No. 4 in Ryazan and later on graduated from Ryazan Musical College named after the Pirogov brothers. Since graduation Julia tried to develop herself not only in various genres of music but also in different spheres of her interests(Julia is a graduate specialist in Public Relations), but violin remained her only love, because the first feelings are never forgotten. All roads always led Julia back to music.

Since 2003 Julia is employed in the Ryazan Governor's Symphony Orchestra which is certainly an excellent school of acquiring music skills, self-discipline and immersion in classical music. This is a splendid basis for the creative growth of the musician's personality. But this activity is not the only one in Julia’s portfolio. As a child she was engaged in dancing and liked dance music. As a grown-up her musical tastes expanded, she fell in love with jazz, rock, R'n'B, electronic music (house, trance, dub step and other directions of contemporary music), which influenced a lot the formation of her individual preferences.

Since 2003 Julia started to perform as a solo artist in various music styles on playgrounds of Ryazan and also in clubs in Moscow. The first honor of her talent was the Bronze medal of the 4th Youth Delphic Games as an award for the mutual tune created with Pavel Mikhailov (Soup Groupe). There followed a lot of proposals for various events dedicated to the opening of exhibitions, big trade centers, to various cultural events and holidays of the city (Day of Youth, the Farewell Bell, Day of the City etc.). Julia actively took part in the life of young people by performing in clubs, introducing a fresh look at classical art: the violin music sounded along with DJ sets, which with no doubts cultivated a musical taste.

Julia participated in recording the tracks for Ryazan Band "Dengi" and the singer-songwriter Yevgeny Sapfirov.

Melodies created by Julia harmonize with modern rhythms and produce an unforgettable impression to everyone.

Acquaintance and cooperation with DJ Feel(Philippe Belikov) in 2011 turned to be a bright event in the performer's biography and resulted in the row of mutual events: record of the joint track for the album "Unlimited" released in 2013(It Comes-Violin version),in a duet performnce in "More" Club in Ryazan, in the performance devoted to the 10-years-anniversary of Audioschool of DJ Groove(Beryozi Park) in 2016 in Moscow,in "London" club(Moscow) also in 2016.And participation in the Trancemisson Music Festival in Space Club(Moscow) in February 2017 and in Glavclub Green Concert in March 2018.

Also the track "Mantra" was recorded with Ruslan Radriges in 2016 and it was released in the Suandamusic label.This track recieved support from Armin van Burren,Dj Feel and many other famous musicians of the Edm world.

The track “Time planet “, that was recorded together with DJ Alex Believe and DJ Romm, was released on the Lost Recordings label in December 2017.

She performed with such DJs as:

DJ Ded (Ryazan), DJ Dima Fly (“Plastilin” Club, Moscow), DJ Dimidrol, dJ Bob (“Hollywood” Club, Ryazan), DJ Korg (Moscow, “Maska-Rzn” Club), DJ African, DJ Kuper, DJ Nastya Goldy (“Acapulco”, Ryazan), Artem Dobrovsky («Gazgolder» Club, Moscow), DJ Roodomanoff (“Neo”Club, Moscow), DJ Geo (“Fusion” Café, Ryazan), DJ Greek, DJ Chistov, DJ Tim, DJ Лёня Bell (Kazantip, Z18).

At the moment Julia continues to create and find new facets of the world of music. She performs as a solo violinist with the Chamber Orchestra of Municipal Cultural Center of Ryazan.


She also improves skills,studying at Tambov State Musical and Pedagogical Institute named after S.V.Rachmaninov.She Studied English at the Faculty of Anglo-Germanic Languages at the Ryazan State Pedagogical University named after S.A.Yesenin,graduated wirh bachelor's degree in 2018.